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AAE is building for the future!
Since its formation in 1976 AAE has become a renowned specialist active in the field of mechatronic system solution. Our subsidiary companies Grauel GmbH in Berlin and Grauel International BV in Helmond are part of the AAE group since 1995.

AAE has a broad range of activities:
1. High Precision Parts
2. Proto and Serial Systems
3. Special Machines
4. Printing and Assembly Automation (Grauel)

You will find these 4 groups while navigating the website. Our aim is to combine all the disciplines for state-of-the-art machine production at one location. This to allow our customers to derive maximum benefit from the synergy effect:

1+1 = 3

Grauel GmbH was established in the 19th century and over time it has specialised itself in the designing and developing of offset printing systems. Grauel International has emerged as a provider of complete solutions in the technical printing field of printing expertise, ranging from printing to laser marking and similar processes. With the expertise of AAE in the field of handling systems we are as the AAE group able to integrate complete system solutions into your production process.

Please refer to the Grauel website for further information.