Our Culture

This is who we are
This is our culture

Apart from manufacturing groundbreaking high tech solutions, AAE distinguishes itself from its competitors by staying true to its long standing culture and values.

Our cultural values are: Ambitious, Can-do, Human and Together. We're always going the extra mile, because determination, being engaged, feeling part of a close-knit team and never giving up is part of our DNA. 


Wat we doen, doen we goed.

"If we do it, we do it the right way."

We set the bar high and go the extra mile to push the boundaries of technology, day after day. When something doesn't work out, we learn from it and strive to fix it and do it better next time. But always in our own way: pushing the boundaries of technology with a little bit of guts and creativity. 


Gas erop!

"Go for it!"

We are determined, love a challenge and never give up. We focus on finding solutions that fit seamlessly with the needs and requirements of our customers.

Our story - Always Together, Never Alone


Onze medewerkers zijn de basis.

"Our employees form our foundation."

Our employees form the backbone of AAE, where safety, well-being, development and happiness at work are paramount. We are committed to each other, caring and social. Each individual at AAE is treated with an equal amount of respect. In short: truly a family owned company.


Één voor allen, allen voor één.

"One for all, all for one."

We do it together, never alone. We take care of each other: one for all, all for one. Taking care of each other is characterised by our transparancy and open communication, both internally and externally. We are always part of the greater good. Together we are part of something great. 

As long as you're surrounded
by the right people, the rest will come naturally.

William Pijnenburg  1957 - 2016