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Taking care of highly complicated assemblies is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the co-operation between AAE and it's customers within the Lifescience branche. AAE takes it to the next level. Together with our customers we look for new roads, different paths and ways to push the boundaries of technology. 

We'd like to shed some light on the following cases, where we proudly show some of our work within the Lifescience branche with our customer LUMICKS.

Our Customer Lumicks

By working together with our Customer, we contribute to groundbreaking research into diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. Thanks to this synergy, we play a crucial part in tomorrow’s healthcare. Proud to be part of something great!

Our Customer Lumicks

Our Solution
By sharing our knowledge, facilities and craftsmanship, we not only unburden our customers, but we also enable and inspire them to achieve the best results. In the case of our Customer Lumicks, the world’s leading supplier of dynamic single-molecule analysis instruments, this means that our skilled craftsmen have the expertise to assemble and deliver thoroughly tested and tuned equipment (of highly complex assemblies) directly to their designated destinations.


Lumicks is a fast growing high tech Life Science microscope manufacturer. To safeguard Lumicks’ growth now and  for the coming years, we are proud to have AAE in our value chain to realise our ambition.

Gijs Oude Elberink - COO of Lumicks

AAE fits well to Lumicks in term of culture, focus on quality and it's manufacturing and engineering capabilities.

from Gijs Oude Elberink - COO of Lumicks

We enable our customers to help the world move forward by providing technological solutions that can cure diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s.

These diseases affect everyone, so we are very proud that AAE is part of this journey


Roy Janssen

Business Director

Cleanroom Assembly

Some of our highly complex components and products require special treatment in our cleanroom. This is where our assembly experts take over: for example, by piecing together optomechanical and mechatronic devices. 

Our Hightech Cleanroom is equipped with:

  • Local ISO class 5 mini-environments for extremely clean assembly and qualification;
  • Ultra-High Purity zones with dedicated instruments;
  • Logistics ring, including wet cleaning and drying processes;
  • Wet-vacuum (up to 0.08 bar absolute);
  • RGA equipment;
  • Leak test equipment (vacuum and overpressure);
  • Cleanliness qualifications: Particles in gas XCDA and ultrapure water, Residual Gas Analysis and blacklight inspection in a dedicated controlled room.
Development and Engineering 1

Development & Engineering

The mechanical engineers within our engineering department develop tooling for manufacturing complex parts and assemblies. Our system engineers translate the product requirements into system development specifications for functional and dedicated qualification tools. Our goal is to have all AAE products comply with the specifications our customers require.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

After the validation of the product design, industrialisation of the manufacturing process is key to securing continuous delivery of our customers' products.

Project Management

Our interdisciplinar project teams manage various new product introductions, each project team consists of:

  • A project Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • NPI Engineers
  • NPL Engineers

Our Key Technologies

Our Key Technologies enable us to manufacture and assemble highly complex products. 

Our continuous investment in people, the most up-to-date technology and unmanned manufacturing guarantees that we are as productive, cost-efficient and innovative as possible.

We understand our customers’ DNA. Developing a manufacturing process with our engineers and manufacturing experts results in secured product delivery.



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After installation, your machine is in the safe hands of our service department. We support you with periodic operator training, maintenance and improvements or spare parts. We keep a log of all machines. In our feasibility centre, we can simulate your process and create product print samples for you.

I do everything to enable our customers to reach their objectives with our machines, so they look back with satisfaction to their collaboration with AAE.


Luuk van der Salm

Service Coördinator