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Within the Photovoltaic sector, we offer tier-one design & contract manufacturing for OEM companies and printing & assembly machines under the brand name Grauel.

We'd like to shed some light on the following cases, where we proudly show some of our work within the Photovoltaic branche with our customer Meyer Burger. 

Our Customer Süss Microtech

Our Solution
In close cooperation with our Customer Süss Microtech, we’ve developed several high-volume inkjet platforms from specification to a complete validated platform. During this process we enabled our Customer to focus on the inkjet application, while AAE designed the platform from top to bottom. In addition to the development, we also ensured a structured production set-up during serial builds and test programs.

By working together with customers like Süss Microtech, we are contributing to a more sustainable world. Not only by enabling our customers to stay one step ahead of their competition, but also play a part in the green power generation of tomorrow. Proud to be part of something great!

For many years, we’ve had a strong relationship with AAE. The people at AAE put our interest first during the design phase and the planning & realisation phase, 

Johan Verheijen - Süss Microtech

I'm extremely proud to collaborate with our customers on optimising their core production, ensuring the continuation of their key production processes for now and future years.

Frans Dirks

Business Manager
Development and Engineering 1

Development & Engineering

The mechanical engineers within our engineering department develop tooling for manufacturing complex parts and assemblies. Our system engineers translate the product requirements into system development specifications for functional and dedicated qualification tools. Our goal is to have all AAE products comply with the specifications our customers require.

Automation Platforms

We provide turnkey, custom-made printing and assembly automations under the brandname Grauel. By offering various automation platforms, Continuous Motion (CMS), Indexing Motion System (IMS) and Flexible Motion System (FMS), we are able to provide our customers with tailor fit solutions.

  • Linear indexing
    This platform offers you both great operator accessibility and a small footprint (LCS).
  • Round indexing
    If the number of automation processes is limited, we apply round indexing tables.
  • Flexible Motion System
    The Flexible Motion System does what it says: it guarantees maximum flexibility! The key in FMS is the fact that the product carriers are independently controlled, which enables processing of different cycle times within one machine.


Inkjet printing AAE grauel

Printing & Assembly Automation 

  • Inkjet Printing
  • Laser Marking
  • Feeding
  • Vision Inspection
  • Labelling
Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

After the validation of the product design, industrialisation of the manufacturing process is key to securing continuous delivery of your product.



All of our competences


After installation, your machine is in the safe hands of our service department. We support you with periodic operator training, maintenance and improvements or spare parts. We keep a log of all machines. In our feasibility centre, we can simulate your process and make product print samples for you.

I do everything to enable our customers to reach their objectives with our machines, so they look back with satisfaction to their collaboration with AAE.


Luuk van der Salm

Service Coördinator