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We provide turnkey, custom-made Grauel printing and assembly automations.

By offering various automation platforms, Continuous Motion (CMS), Indexing Motion System (IMS) and Flexible Motion System (FMS), we are able to provide our customers with tailor fit solutions.

CMS Automation Platform

Our Grauel continuous motion machines have a modular design and are efficient and compact. The machine works with one central motor that drives the individual dials by a gear train mounted underneath the process plate. This way, all dials are mechanically synchronised.

That is how we are able to achieve a high output of up to 500+ parts per minute. 

IMS Machine Platform

For assembly or printing & assembly machines, we use our linear conveying system (LCS). The LCS system is a highly robust, low maintenance chain with 125-mm milled links. The chain has a very accurate position tolerance and is spring loaded.

With a limited number of automation processes, we use round indexing tables. 

FMS Machine Platform

The Flexible Motion System does what it says: it guarantees maximum flexibility! The key in FMS is the fact that the product carriers are independently controlled, which enables processing of different cycle times within a single machine. We offer machine building blocks under our brandname Grauel that can easily be changed and tooled up with different printing and assembly processes. The platform controls are decentralised, enabling the operator to switch to different products quickly, easily and safely.

The FMS platform is ideal in low-volume high-mix situations. 

Pushing Technical Boundaries

By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market. Every high-end solution fits seamlessly with the needs and requirements of our customers and ensures that they can produce in smarter, faster, more stable and cost effective ways. 

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By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market. Curious? Contact us to learn more!

Frans Dirks

Business Manager

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