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Our fully automated industrial inkjet applications are used to print round and shaped products in full (CMYK) colors providing the highest flexibility.

We provide printing solutions for the automotive, medical, life science and consumers goods markets.

Our unique inkjet printing systems are designed to meet industrial requirements meeting the highest quality demands.

The movie shows a fully automated handling and inkjet printing solutions to apply individual and unique bar codes on medical tubes.

The tubes are used in extreme conditions (storage down to -196°C) requiring full understanding and integration of the printing process (pretreatment, printing, curing) and ink properties and behavior to ensure all quality demands are met.

Each tube is individually checked by vision systems at multiple positions on various quality aspects to ensure highest standards.

System Integration

Grauel integrates fully automated inkjet printing systems and assembly solutions on its automation platforms, including our high- speed continuous motion application.

Our engineering department designs custom & specific automation solutions which can handle a wide range of unique products.

We support different brands of inkjet heads and inkjet systems which include protective covering, automated cleaning and fully automated handling. These are all part of our unique solutions, offering reliable & durable inkjet solutions.

Pre Treatment

An important step in the inkjet printing process is the correct pre-treatment of the products.

We have long experience with the integration of Corona, Flame and Plasma pre-treatment to support high quality ink adherence to the products.

Based on our long experience with printing technology and machine design we, support the best solution for pre-treatment for our customers' products.


The selection of suitable inks is one of the most important ones to make.

If not done correctly at the start of the project, it may have major consequences on the image quality, product and patient safety and the complete design of the system.

We have a full department dedicated to support selection of the correct inks. Our specialists within the team are also available to support you when you are running the machine or when you need support for ink replacement.

Barcode Printing

Our inkjet printing system are used to meet the unique device identification (e.g., EU medical devices Regulations 2017/745 and 2017/746).

Our systems are designed to meet 4-3 (A-B) grading quality meeting high values for Decodability, Contrast, 'Modulation', 'Quiet Zones', etc. as specified in the GS1 report for barcode verification.

Pushing Technical Boundaries

By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market. Every high-end solution fits seamlessly with the needs and requirements of our customers and ensures that they can produce in smarter, faster, more stable and cost effective ways. 

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By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market. Curious? Contact us to learn more!

Frans Dirks

Business Manager

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