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Dry Offset Print Technology

We design & develop unique, high speed and multiple color dry-offset printing systems.

We can integrate dry offset printing and part assembly into one machine, offering compact design and optimization.

We provide a full range of bespoke dry offset printing systems for a wide range of products.

For our customer Newell, known for the famous Sharpie markers, Grauel designed and developed a high-speed printing system.

The Grauel CMS (Continuous Motion System) prints the pens in two colors at a speed of 550 parts per minute.

To achieve high quality print at this speed, flame pre-treatment, offset printing and UV curing are all integrated into the same optimized machine.

This high-speed printing system enables our customers to respond quickly to strong seasonal market demand.

Printing and Assembly in one system

We have long experience with dry offset printing resulting in high quality print systems that can operate at high speed.

Our print systems are used to print a wide range of materials, products and shapes.

We offer a unique combination of printing and assembly in one machine which offers production optimization. This unique combination also offers benefits in the operation of the machine allowing for a smaller foot print of the machine.

Pre-treatment and Curing

We provide our customers full printing solutions including pre-treatment and curing. We commonly use Corona, Flame or Plasma pre-treatment to support high quality printing.

We have a fully equipped printing laboratory that supports investigation into the best pre-treatment method and operating parameters. The selected pre-treatment methods can then be designed into the machine by our engineering department.

Inks Selection and Support

We provide a wide range of inks and consumables to support our customers.

We provide dedicated inks for medical devices and food stuff which need to meet special requirements. For high speeds application we carry a full range of (LED) UV inks.

We have a dedicated team that supports you sourcing the correct inks for your application. We provide all consumables needed for your printing process.


Our project approach is V-model based, which is a perfect guaranteed start, should you require a GAMP validation trajectory.

It is all about minimizing patient risk and showing a well-automated manufacturing practice that covers all project stages: DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ.

Pushing Technical Boundaries

By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market. Every high-end solution fits seamlessly with the needs and requirements of our customers and ensures that they can produce in smarter, faster, more stable and cost effective ways. 

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By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market. Curious? Contact us to learn more!

Frans Dirks

Business Manager

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