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Grauel, a brand of AAE, provides turnkey, custom-made, printing and assembly automation platforms. With a key focus on offset printing, pad printing, inkjet printing, leakage testing and ultrasonic welding. 

Grauel is a proud member of AAE and is divided between offices in Helmond, the Netherlands and Berlin, Germany. At Grauel we manufacture hi-tech printing & assembly machines that are designed and built with dedicated customer requirements in mind. We can integrate printing and assembly capabilities into one machine offering great benefits to our customers. With our specialized knowledge and focus on offset printing, pad printing, inkjet printing, leakage testing and ultrasonic welding we offer comprehensive and bespoke machines. For our machines we supply a complete range of consumables; from inks to printing accessories.

Grauel Printing Technologies

Based on our customers' preferences and requirements we find the right printing technique. We offer the following printing techniques:

  • Dry-Offset/Flexo Printing

  • Inkjet Printing

  • Pad Printing

Grauel Assembly Technologies

With our specialized knowledge we can integrate the following technologies, tailor fit to match our customers' needs and expectations. 

Automation Platforms

We provide turnkey, custom-made printing and assembly automations under the brandname Grauel. By offering various automation systems, Continuous Motion (CMS), Indexing Motion System (IMS) and Flexible Motion System (FMS), we are able to provide our customers with tailor fit solutions.

  • Linear and Round Indexing (IMS)
    Our Linear Indexing Platform is divided in two categories: Round Indexing (CMS) and Linear Indexing (LCS). We mainly use these systems when it comes to assembly and/or printing for annual volumes up to 30.000.000 parts per year.
  • Continuous Motion (CMS)
    For higher yearly volumes we apply our high speed Continuous Motion Concept, both for printing and assembly processes.
  • Flexible Motion System (FMS)
    The Flexible Motion System does what it says: it guarantees maximum flexibility! The key in FMS is the fact that the product carriers are independently controlled, which enables processing of different cycle times within one machine.

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Our Grauel Consumables

Within our Grauel brand, we provide a one-stop-shop for our customers’ printing consumables and auxiliaries. Apart from pushing technical boundaries with our printing and assembly automations, we support your groundbreaking print operations with all the goods that you need to make them run smoothly.

With our printing experts at B. Grauel GmbH, we make a variety of printing inks (in small quantities) including multi language Grauel safety data sheets, inks quality documents and print-proof. Our pre-press and plate making service unburdens our customers quickly and easily. We also support our customers’ business with tailor made printing blankets and rollers.

We export our products worldwide. With our service and expertise we are able to realise high-end solutions that fit seamlessly with the needs and requirements of our customers. This is how we help you to produce in a smarter, faster, more stable and cost effective ways!


Grauel's printing inks are recognised all over the world for their high pigmentation and opacity. The printing inks can be adjusted for offset, flexo, pad printing, silkscreen and inkjet printing. We offer our customers optimal service, such as developing special printing ink for a specific adjustment or in order to perform test printings.

Cliché and Films

The production of films and clichés is carried out at B. Grauel GmbH in Berlin. Before a cliché can be produced, a negative film is required. Our printing experts at B. Grauel GmbH individually number our films for potential cliché archiving. Our highly skilled craftsmen provide our customers with fully controlled and ready-to-use clichés, 'plug and play'! If required, we can store your films in our archive to ensure short lead times on repeat orders. This is how we unburden you, our customer! 

Blankets, Rollers and More

Rollers, ductor blades and printing pads are stored internally as general stock material for our customers. This enables us to respond as quickly and efficiently as possible. These auxiliaries can be specifically adjusted to suit our customers' requirements. With our expertise when it comes to printing we can advice and unburden our customers when it comes to matching printing ink detergent with the right cliché material, rubber rollers and printing ink. Grauel delivers a range of detergents to match the Grauel printing ink series and clichés. They range from 1-litre bottles to 40-litre barrels.


Working at Grauel

B. Grauel GmbH in Berlin produces and delivers printing consumables and auxiliaries for printing industry niches world-wide. It’s main products are inks, clichés, rollers and spare parts. The Grauel  team currently consist of 6 employees.

B. Grauel GmbH is part of the AAE group: groundbreaking technology based in Helmond, The Netherlands. Working at AAE is working in an organisation where the technological boundaries are continuously pushed, in which the close-knit family culture is a very solid connecting thread. You work together with very committed and enthusiastic colleagues who are happy to welcome you to the AAE team. 

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For me it is a personal privilege, working together in this international, high-tech environment, where people are always pushing technical boundaries and getting things done!


Ruud Schenning

New Business Manager

I do everything to enable our customers to reach their objectives with our machines, so they look back with satisfaction to their collaboration with AAE.


Luuk van der Salm

Service Coördinator

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