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Grauel, a brand of AAE

Grauel is your partner for high-tech printing and assembly solutions. We excel when it comes to pushing the boundaries of technology and combining both printing and assembly technology into one automated machine. 

Our bespoke printing and assembly solutions are one-of-a-kind; optimized and tailor-made to suit your product.

At Grauel we design unique automated technical solutions including full product handling, assemby and printing.

We specialize and focus on the intregration of • dry offset printing, • pad printing, • inkjet printing, • leak testing and • ultrasonic welding into comprehensive and bespoke machines.

No matter how complex your product is, our engineering department is up for any challenge. We design the high-end and high performance automated solutions for our customers. 

Inkjet printing AAE grauel

Inkjet Printing

We integrate various inkjet print techniques in our application based on our customers' preferences and requirements.

Our inkjet applications offer unique and dedicated solutions.

discover OUR inkjet printing solutions

Grauel Continuous Motion Printing System

Dry Offset Printing

Fully automated, high speed & multiple color print applications are at the heart of the Grauel design.

Assembly can be integrated into the same machine providing full & comprehensive solutions.

discover OUR DRYOffset printing solutions

Pad Printing

Based on our customers' preferences and requirements we find the right printing technique.

We can integrate different pad printing methods in our applications each offering unique and bespoke solutions.

discover OUR pad printing solutions

Ultrasonic Welding

We have long experience with the integration of ultrasonic welding equipment from various suppliers.

Using custom engineering and dedicated handling equipment we provide applications which provide stable and reliable ultrasonic welding results.

discover OUR Ultrasonic welding solutions

12 - Assembly Technologies - Leak Testing

Leak Testing

Based on customer’s requirement we design and develop unique leak testing solutions also for hard to handle products.

With our specialized solutions we can measure small leak test volumes reliably.

discover OUR leak testing solutions

Pushing Technical Boundaries

By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market. Every high-end solution fits seamlessly with the needs and requirements of our customers and ensures that they can produce in smarter, faster, more stable and cost effective ways. 

Our automation platforms     

By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market. Curious? Contact us to learn more!

Frans Dirks

Business Manager

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