Our Grauel

At your service!

Grauel is more than automation only. We choose an integral approach and provide
services before, during and after the realization of your automation.

As part of this service we like to provide our customers as thorough as possible with
the best information about our Automation Platforms, Consumables and Print Modules. 

Please refer to our downloads, listed and categorized below, for the information you require. 

Grauel continuous motion printer

Automation Platforms

Download: Continuous Motion

Download: Flexible Motion System

Download: Linear Conveying System


Our Grauel Consumables

Within our Grauel brand, we provide a one-stop-shop for our customers’ printing consumables and auxiliaries. We support your print operations with all the goods that our customers need to make them run smoothly! We make a variety of printing inks, in small quantities, including multi language Grauel safety data sheets, inks quality documents and print-proof. Our pre-press and plate making service unburdens our customers quickly and easily. We also support our customers’ business with tailor made printing blankets and rollers. We export our products worldwide. Our service delivers Operational Excellence!

Download: Parts Cleaning Device

Download: Cleaning Cloths

Download: Nitril Gloves

Download: Cleaning Agent

Download: Test Strips UV

Download: Test Green Line

Download: Doctor blade

Download: Printing Blanket

Download: Adjusting Disc

Download: Handsoap

Download: Special Tooling

Download: Cliché Validation

Download: Parts Washer

For me it is a personal privilege, working together in this international, high-tech environment, where people are always pushing technical boundaries and getting things done!


Ruud Schenning

New Business Manager

It makes me happy every day, to be working with international customers and colleagues and breaking down new barriers and opportunities.


Mirko Zimmermann

Business Manager Grauel GmbH

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