Our story

Move the world happily forward by providing groundbreaking high tech solutions


By pushing technical boundaries, we empower our customers to be the most competitive player in their market.

A close-knit family business

AAE can be defined as: groundbreaking technology in a close-knit family business in Helmond. Since its inception in 1976, AAE has grown to become an advanced high-tech machine manufacturer with an international reputation. With more than 500 talented employees, we design and manufacture products divided into three business lines: Ultra Conditioned Precision Modules, Advanced OEM Systems and Printing and Assembly Automation, the latter goes by the brandname of Grauel.

Our History

Proud to be part
of something great

Every high-end solution fits seamlessly with the needs and requirements of our customers and ensures that they can produce in smarter, faster, more stable and cost effective ways. That gives our customers a head start in the market and creates a competitive advantage. Moreover, as a system provider, AAE is also able to integrate new technologies into existing machine concepts.

We serve a diverse range of markets, including the medical, automotive, semicon, food & beverage, toy, office, photovoltaic, analytical & life science sectors. In this way we contribute to products or solutions that make our society smarter, more innovative, more beautiful, more sustainable, safer or simply more enjoyable.



Our people

The key to our success lies in the combination of technical knowledge and pure and passionate craftsmanship. Our professionals dare to push the boundaries of technology so that we find solutions that seamlessly meet the needs of our customers. We combine our passion for technology with pure craftsmanship because developing together means thinking, daring and doing together.

Our people make the difference: their creativity, flexibility, pragmatism, intrinsic drive and highly specialized know-how characterizes our qualified culture. The result? The realization and production of groundbreaking high-tech machines and assemblies that also match the pace of Industry 4.0.

Always together. Never alone.

We will say it one more time: “Always together. Never alone.” We are always part of the greater good. You can look at us as a sparring partner, problem solver, incubator and primarily as a developer. We are proud to be able to be a part of that higher purpose. That makes us the advanced high-tech machine manufacturer that we are today.

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